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I am an artist from Hancock, Massachusetts. 


I capture autobiographical moments as well as recurrent  themes of breaking away from either self or other imposed limits.  My early work was  about the shields and walls and shells that we construct in order to protect the true self, or our identity, although ultimately it's not protection but rather squashing.....My father used to say “change is hard, but growth is beautiful,” and my work explores both the difficulties of life changes and the beauty of transformation. In this way, my work is making way for connections and conversation with others, offering reassurance and a nurturing presence as well as celebration and self-love. 



The fictional narratives, memories, or life moments that I depict are rooted in a my own world and sized to my own home-like  aesthetic. My medium often includes food items such as frosting and gingerbread. I use stop-motion animation, performance art, and video to create and present my stories.