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For this latest module we're asked to apply paint using any any any tools we desire. I went back to my original paint scrapings and scraped more paint on top, also I scratched and tried some oil pastels (they apply nicely to acrylics).  I'm not sure yet about acrylic paint. BUT it's immediate and it's giving me color mixing and painting experience.  Something I need to practice at. 

okay. I'm not at all there, but I have played with paint for two hours. That's an accomplishment. 

Paint with anything. What do you like? 

I like scraping. 

applying paint to paper. Lots of painted paper. Within the paint to paper is some stuff, you know. Stuff. Colors are happening, happenstance. horizon line. black paint. dark, light. landscape feel. deamscapes. no images today to post. just thoughts. I like a small palette knife. who knew? brushes are too brushy, right now. scraping, piling, scratching. noisy stuff. 


nothing to see here, folks. Move along please.......

jk pushing paint around on paper, adding energy, motion, scratches, applying paint colors that I used to be scared of. 


I'm going to continue the struggle. The assignment-paint to music. Play. Let go of intention, play with intuition and process, and paint. Just paint. Using acrylics, waiting for the good ones to come into the mailbox and using not great paint, but I did get some ULTRAMARINE BLUE which was sorely missing......I noticed more motion in the work, more play. Tried a palette knife for applying color, and big brushes. 


No judgement zone, please. 


keep it up, babe. 


A quote from Louise:


"making bad paintings, making bad work is the ONLY way to get to your authentic voice. There's no other shortcut." 



seriously. Crappy painted paper. That's what is happening right now. I'm learning to trust, I'm willing to try something new. The assignment was "paint to music". So, I put on some music (Barber Adagio for Strings, "Good to Me, Audrey Assad) and painted. The issue is the paint-acrylics. The only thing acrylics have going for them, for me, is the super cleanability without toxins. Water and soap, so nice. But, so far, the paint is eluding me. Monday and Tuesday were comprised of me stomping around and being angry as paint was sticking to paper. Crappy painted paper. That's what was happening. 

Today, though, I decided to chill. Listen to the music, and paint. 
It's still crappy painted paper, but there's not the anger attached to the work. Maybe we'll get somewhere, maybe not. BUT it's okay to just apply paint to paper while listening to music. 

These won't go anywhere. I might gesso (something I learned about, GESSO- I love it. You can paint with gesso over a painting and erase. NICE. In the meantime, you can feel the energy, the creation. Intuition versus judginess. PLAY. 


Stay tuned.......